Burned - 50%+

5% Tax

There is a 5% tax collected from every buy and sell, and the majority of that is burned forever.

2% USDT Rewards

USDT reflections incentive long-term holding, which can lead to increased demand, a higher token price.

1% Burned

Token burn of 1% per transaction will reduce the circulating supply, driving up the token price.

2% - Marketing

We will actively use this fund to bring in a whole squad of influencers to support.


Our Mission

We aim for CatCEO to bring back CAT Memes - cats are here to take back the kingdom from all dogs and Pepe!

How will we do this?

We will use our experience and connections to list on many CEXs so people can buy $CATCEO everywhere right from Day 1. Announcements from exchanges will begin even prior to launch.

We also have a unique mechanism - the firepit to buy back and burn $CATCEO, driving the price up daily based on volume. All transactions will be pinned in the telegram group and posted on Twitter to attract attention. We will couple it with influencer posts as we hit milestones.

We are also developing KittyVote - an innovative platform to generate revenue and buyback and burn $CCEO further as well raise attention towards the token in other communities.

We will initiate a huge presence on social media such as Twitter and employ a marketing agency to help us to trend there, as well as partnerships, banners, and ads in tier 1 telegram and youtube channels + international communities such as China, Turkey and Brazil.


We are connecting communities with a platform where they can vote for their favourite tokens. There is an advanced feature that we will be using to avoid bots and verifying the holdings of the token they choose to vote for. This will help us become the most secure voting platform amongst the others that exist.

KittyVote has a revenue-generating model, where we will feature banners and promoted coins and use it to buyback and burn $CatCeo Tokens.

Apart from this, the platform will be connected to a bot and channel on telegram which will bring increased discoverability of itself and $CATCEO.



The FirePit is a one-of-a-kind event where we will drive up the price of $CATCEO tokens when we hit a certain volume figure every day and every week.

Daily Volume BuyBack and Burn
10M+ 100 BNB
5M+ 50 BNB
2M+ 20 BNB
1M+ 10 BNB
100K+ 1 BNB
Weekly Volume BuyBack and Burn
20M+ 100 BNB
10M+ 50 BNB
5M+ 25 BNB
2M+ 10 BNB
1M+ 5 BNB
100K+ 0.5 BNB

All such transactions will be pinned in the telegram group and posted on Twitter to attract attention. We will couple it with influencer posts if we hit the bigger milestones.


You will be ape to cop stylish CAT cups, caps, t-shirts, and hoodies in a limited stock sale on launch day. The profits on all sales are used to buy back and burn $CATCEO.


Total Supply - 420,000,000,000,000,000
CATCEO Public Sale - 27.14%  
Liquidity - 13.56%
Burned - 50%+
Locked/Reserves/Cexs/Partnerships/Staking - 2%



Catoshi Nakamoto






Anonymous Cat